RV-14A Kit For Sale

RV-14A Kit For Sale

I have decided to sell my RV-14A Kit.

Kit parts themselves are $22,530

Engine is $55,180

Prop is $10,200

My prices against Van’s net a $22,000 savings!

General Comments

Primed with AKZO.

Empennage – $4200

Purchased in 2018.

Tail cone is mostly completed. Top Skins and some rear hardware is all that remains.

Rudder and Vertical Stability is complete.

Horizontal Stabilizer was completed. I found small corrosion on the nose and found a dead mouse on the inside where the corrosion is. Most likely corrosion went out the rivet but not sure. If Vans says it must be rebuilt, I’ll buy the parts.

Wings – $8130

Slow build kit purchased in 2019.

Top skins, Ribs,  and rear spar are assembled on the main spar. Partway through the Leading Edges and surfaces (part prep/deburring etc).

Bottom skins and Leading Edge skins were damaged in a recent move (fuel tank skins are fine). These are not assembled, so its just a new parts problem. I’ll by new parts.

FlyLED 7 Star Lights – still unassembled.

Aileron Trim.

Wiring harness was deleted

Fuselage – $10,200

Slow Build kit delivered in late 2021.

Uncrated and inventoried. Have not started it.

Wiring harness was deleted.

Brakes and Fuel likes were deleted, planned on using TS Flight Lines

Engine ($55,180) and Prop ($10,200)

Prop is IN HAND

Engine is ordered, delivery date is currently Feb. 2024.

Thunderbolt YIO-390-EXP119 w/Acc – all Red – Dual EMAGS and Airflow Performance

Hartzell 74inch two blade – PROP C2YR-1BFP/F7497, 360 180/200 HP 74″ – C2R10700X